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Gillian’s Guide on: Behind-the-Scenes of Admin-ing

What’s behind the plot making? The bio writing, the graphics making? What do admins do off-screen (or perhaps still on the screen, just not on the blog)? Admin-ing isn’t just about creation, acceptances, and running a role play. So what’s behind the front page of a role play? Here’s a guide to what I as an admin do to keep my role play organized.

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im going to escuela guys. bye leave me things xx

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Our hearts break for the lives lost and impacted by the typhoon in the Philippines. Let’s take a moment to pray for these hurt and confused families durning this tragic time. 

Although I’m from the Philippines as well, the area where I live in wasn’t that much affected by this typhoon, but it’s really heartbreaking-the things that happened, the lives that were taken, the properties that were destroyed-but it’s also really touching and heartwarming to see all of these people from different countries, from all places in the world, take their time to either help, pray, or just bother to ask Filipinos how we are doing. I am saying this on behalf of my whole country-thank you for your support, for your prayers, for your concern, for everything. They mean a whole lot to us under these tragic conditions. We can’t thank you enough for the things that you have, and are, doing. Thank you.

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I need 1 follower to hit my first 100! And of course if anybody has anything they want me to do!?


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18 by llermans

"Good News" - Live preview | Code 1 | Code 2

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Also do NOT steal this theme and please don’t use/redistribute as base code. If you use please like or reblog this post, so let me know.Your feedback is appreciated! Tell me if you like the theme. Any questions, any doubt just go to my askbox. :’)

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In my opinion, events are really important in a role-play because they tend to keep things fresh and exciting within the group. However, a lot of times, admins can fall short on ideas for these events and they either don’t have any, or they’ll have events that can be repetitive and boring. So I’d like to help.

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hrryofrps replied to your post: i hit a 1000 posts today…


you’re amazing tyvm

i’ll pay u with cookies and netflix

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i hit a 1000 posts today. yay for milestones!

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epic songs to write to, a playlist for writers [listen here]

time, hans zimmer; misty mountains, howard shore; what are you going to do when you’re not saving the world?, hans zimmer; genius next door, regina spektor; hedwig’s theme, john williams; star trek’s main theme, michael giacchino; london calling, michael giacchino; mhysa, ramin djawadi; courtyard apocalypse, alexandre desplat; main title, ramin djawadi; cosmic love, florence + the machine; your ghost, greg laswell; one day more, les mis cast; veni, veni emmanuel, libera; oblivion, bastille;

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TEXTURE by anne-pearl ® 
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